Congratulations, it’s Friday and you survived the work week. What better way to celebrate than a little workplace humor?

Also,  just because I posted all these does not mean I personally relate to all of them.  But let’s be honest, it’s a good portion.  Seriously, if Monday had a face, I’d punch it.

desire to punch don't interupt me dumbest way possible eating lunch excited for work figure out asap first five days idon'tgive a crap it'sfriday its not monday meeting last longer my job and yours reward is more work sarcasm show coworker email slow internet













































































































































In case those didn’t bring you to a smile… this

pencil-holders from paperclip files

Just as a staple needs it’s stapler, your pens need a holder.  Yes, I do realize that is a super cheesy opening sentence, but I love to be cheesy.

I don’t know about you but, if you are anything like me, you probably need more than one pen holder sitting on your desk.  Pens, pencils, and markers scatter my desk on a daily basis.  I typically need separate pen holder for my daily use pens, markers, gel pens, highlighters, etc.  It’s slightly out of control. Therefore, it is the perfect way to add spunk, color, or decor to the desktop.

I have seen a plethora of pen holders out there to choose from.  I decided to find a few of my favorites that I personally want upon my desk, and share there awesomeness with my readers.  Enjoy.

links to purchase 

1.Acrylic Pencil Holder
2.Cabo Pencil Cup Natural
3.Flora Divided Pencil Cup
4.Desk Caddy
5.Owl Pencil Holder
6.Spring Pencil Cup
7.White Pencil Cup

Pens are like over-confident pencils.

Be confident and take your office notes with one of these quirky pens. They may not be the best pen as far as writing standards are concerned, but they sure are fun. Spice up your desk and note taking.

Click the links below to find where you can get some of these fine novelties.

paperclip files

1.  Pink Pencil Pen

2.  Paint Brush Pen

3.  Crazy Bird Pen

4.  Silver Wrench Pen

5.  Pinwheel Pen

6.  Blue Owl Pen

7.  Pink Owl Pen

8.  Grass Blade Pen Set

9.  Predict-A-Pen

I have found some “fantabulous” (read that as though Jim Carrey is speaking) gel pens that have taken doodling to a whole new level.

I went on a limb and purchased the Gelly, Glaze, and Souffle gel pen sets a few weeks back and loved them.  The ink flows out easily and constant, unlike any other gel pen I have bought in the past.

The Glaze and Souffle have a three dimensional aspect when dry.  Recently I discovered that the Glaze works great for temporary nail polish, not even kidding.  It doesn’t last long but it works, it awesome. They write on pretty much any surface.  As you can see in the picture, I have taken the Clear Glaze gel pen and have doodled up my notebook (among many other things).  The clear is fun because at first glance it looks like an ordinary black Moleskin Sketchpad, but upon closer look its has added design and texture.  In fact, I have had so much fun with these I have already ran out of ink in quite a few of them.

Where To Get These Pens

Each thumbnail links to where they can be purchased.

doodle pen- paperclipfiles.comdoodle pen- paperclipfiles.comdoodle pen- paperclipfiles.comdoodle pen-

I stumbled across this video on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago,

“15 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Work In An Office”.

It is actually quite accurate and rather hilarious.


While were on this kick, take a look at some of the hilarities this post from AylssaChio over at Buzzfeed.  Click this link to read the rest.

16 Constants Of Working In An Office

1. There will always be at least one computer program that malfunctions daily.
2. Every once in awhile a new process will be instituted and no one will really know how it
3. Some days you forget what you’re supposed to be doing.
4. Other days no one knows how to do their job.
5. Your reward for doing well is being given more work.
6. Office gossip is pretty much worse than high school gossip.
7. You know procrastination doesn’t end in college.
8. And you’ve gotten really good at stealthily checking social media.
read 9-16 here.


Hope you enjoyed this humorous finds.  Maybe they can make your desk life/office work a tad more bearable.  Let’s face it, when you work in an office your co-workers become your family, and you love them.  Well most of them… Okay, a few of them.