Sharpie Pen - Paperclip Files

I discovered this gem of a pen the other day wandering through the store.  It caught my eye and I thought I would give it a run.  Turns out I’m quite found of it.  Maybe you should go get one for yourself.  I’m quite certain you will like it as well.  If you don’t like it, well, my bad. Get it here. 1.  Look at it.  Isn’t that one of the slickest looking pens you’ve ever laid your eyes on?… Read more »

office mail sorter - paperclip files

I don’t know if anyone else is like me, but I usually have office mail (incoming and outgoing), notes, memos, etc scattered across my desk on a daily basis.   Below I have a little DIY tutorial for a book-office mail sorter.  This sorter will be a perfect addition to your desk or really anywhere in your office.  What I love about this sorter is that unlike other mail sorters, this one allows for smaller notes and cards.  Little things… Read more »

Font Types- Paperclip Files

I dedicate this post to my mother dearest, Lisa Dear Mother, Please, I beg, stop using Comic Sans.   You have mentioned several times that you pick this font because you are a 1st grade teacher.  Trust me, I get it.  This font allows early readers to decode the text more easily.  It has the single story lower case “a” and a simple lower case “g”.   However, it’s Comic Sans, and you can’t use this font.  I cringe every time… Read more »


These 5 staplers have function and class.  I have scoured for my favorite stapler and have narrowed it down to these five.  I suggest you spice up your desk with a new stapler. 1:  Acrylic Stapler by Russell + Hazel 2:  Grasshopper Stapler 3:  Blue Swingline Fashion Stapler 4:  Lime Green Stapler 5:  Ladybug Mini Stapler  

Learn Evernote -

Evernote reminders, lists, notes, and ideas are my latest organizational find.  What is so terrific about Evernote is the fact that you can sync it on all of your devices.  I personally have this app on my phone, kindle, laptop, and desktop.  Putting down your ideas, making lists, jotting down quotes, entering directions, etc., has never been so easy.  It lets allows you to separate your notes into notebooks, and has many different options to make your notes appealing, organized,… Read more »