Hi there,  I’m Whitney Behling, owner of Paperclip Files.

I believe that a stellar workspace equipped with spectacular office supplies is the key to surviving any desk job.  I have worked behind a desk for many years.  Carrying the titles of Office Manager, Marketing Specialist, Agent, Customer Service Rep, etc.  However, this does not include the years I turned my playschool kitchen set into my “office” growing up.

I have found that the perfect supplies with the right appeal are essential to my happiness.  I have scoured the internet for websites with organization tips and tricks for my work environment and could only find sites geared towards the “home office”.  This is when I decided to create the Paperclip Files.

Currently, when I am not sending and receiving emails at work, I am a photographer, designer, blogger, and spectacular aunt.  I love to spend time with my family, dancing in the kitchen and daydreaming extensively.

What it all comes down to is the fact that I am an office connoisseur.  I love finding new products, creating my own designs, and looking for ways to organize my thought and ideas.Digi Smiles Timeline Template