Aereo-Internet-TV:  Paperclip Files¯¯¯¯¯
Aereo-Internet-TV - Paperclip Files

I have discovered this little gem called Aereo TV, and it has drastically changed my work life.

Have you ever sat at your computer all day wishing you could have a little entertainment at the same time, or miss your daytime talk shows.  I know I missed my Ellen.

To be honest, I can’t remember where I even heard/discovered Aereo, but it has made sitting at a desk bearable.  I can pull up what I need to work on, and in another window pull up Aereo.   As I respond to emails, type spreadsheets, or do insurance quotes, I listen/watch daytime shows.  If you are easily distracted with a show on your screen- well disregard this post and forget you ever read it — I am not getting blamed for you losing your job.

Basically Aereo lets you watch real, live TV through a tiny remote antenna you control over the internet with a cloud DVR.  I usually avoid watching TV shows that have a plot at work because I need more focus on those and work wouldn’t get finished. I will get to wrapped up on what crisis Olivia Pope is solving, rather than figuring out how I am going to accomplish the bosses requests.

It’s pretty cheap for what you get. Try it.  I think you’ll like it.  Possibly I only like it because I work in an office where I’m alone most of the time and need company.

It’s not available in all areas, but it is here in Utah. They are adding new cities all the time.



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