Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them. – James Fallows Dachshund Letter                   Holder Paperclip Organizer            “Mail” Sorter   If you didn’t have the patience or time to do this DIY Mail Sorter find one of these puppies!  I will definitely be ordering the paperclip sorter here soon.  I mean this is the Paperclip Files…   Oh don’t you like to write letters.  I do because it’s… Read more »

Office Supply Scissors - Paperclip Files

Scissors comes from the latin word ‘cisoria’ meaning “cutting instrument”….just playing this post is not going to be that boring.   If you don’t want a new pair of scissors after reading this, I may just have to scissor kick you. Adding a pair of sleek looking scissors to your office supply will create a modern appeal to your desk.  Why have a pair of boring scissors when you can have a gold Eiffel Tower pair?  There are all types… Read more »


These 5 staplers have function and class.  I have scoured for my favorite stapler and have narrowed it down to these five.  I suggest you spice up your desk with a new stapler. 1:  Acrylic Stapler by Russell + Hazel 2:  Grasshopper Stapler 3:  Blue Swingline Fashion Stapler 4:  Lime Green Stapler 5:  Ladybug Mini Stapler  

4 Random Favorites

Desk Decor Favorites I currently have these 4 items on my desk, and I love them. Quirky desk decor is my favorite. I received the animal desk vacuum for Christmas so I have yet to test it out.  Once I have, I will let you know how it works.  1.  I love this pen.  While you write it’s legs move up and down.  You can find items like this pen in many boutiques. 2.  Not only is this an awesome… Read more »