“I Can Do Hard Things” has not only become one of my life sayings, but it has also come into play in my office as well.

“I will make that hard phone call, because I can do hard things”
“I can do this presentation, because I can do hard things”
“I will make this sale…”
“I can do this evaluation…”

…I got this.

It’s a simple phrase that holds a lot of power. I tell myself this on a daily basis at work, or when life is just plain hard, “I can do hard things”.

Here are a few more printables you can use to remind yourself. Such as in this post for instance [click each image for large file pdf].

i can do hard things paperclip files paperclip files




Last week we marveled at the oh-so-hilarious stamps for your office. This week I bring you stamps to use on your mail.  Add these ditties of spunk to your letters, and you will have wished email was never invented (oh how I love snail mail).  Heck, these stamps don’t even cover all the possibilities (Don’t worry, a whole post devoted to return addresses is near).

Letters are an art form, a piece of history, a present, and something you should be doing. Nothing is better than getting a piece of mail crafted by a friend or loved one.

Also, unlike with email — you can’t accidentally leave a snide remark in a chain and have it unintentionally forwarded on to the target of that snide remark…

Sign-Sealed-Delivered, their yours!

Stamp Your Mail- Paperclip Files


  1. Vintage Office
  2. Special Delivery and other gems
  3. Please Deliver To
  4. Do Not Bend
  5. Fragile
  6. To & From


Ever wanted to accurately put your thoughts down on those office memos sent your way?  

I have 7 stamps that will ensure efficient communication. Those memos don’t stand a chance.

hilarious stamps - paperclip filesWith style and wit these stamps will bring a laugh.

First off, if I were a teacher, how awesome would it be to stamp Bullshit across your student’s plagiarized paper? That is probably why I am not a teacher.

I could have some serious fun with these puppies, probably too much.

Click below to find one of these bad boys









Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them. – James Fallows

mail sorter ideas - paperclip files
Dachshund Letter                   Holder Paperclip Organizer            “Mail” Sorter


If you didn’t have the patience or time to do this DIY Mail Sorter find one of these puppies!  I will definitely be ordering the paperclip sorter here soon.  I mean this is the Paperclip Files


Oh don’t you like to write letters.  I do because it’s such a well way to keep from working and yet feel you’ve done something. – Ernest Hemingway