Aereo-Internet-TV:  Paperclip Files¯¯¯¯¯
Aereo-Internet-TV - Paperclip Files

I have discovered this little gem called Aereo TV, and it has drastically changed my work life.

Have you ever sat at your computer all day wishing you could have a little entertainment at the same time, or miss your daytime talk shows.  I know I missed my Ellen.

To be honest, I can’t remember where I even heard/discovered Aereo, but it has made sitting at a desk bearable.  I can pull up what I need to work on, and in another window pull up Aereo.   As I respond to emails, type spreadsheets, or do insurance quotes, I listen/watch daytime shows.  If you are easily distracted with a show on your screen- well disregard this post and forget you ever read it — I am not getting blamed for you losing your job.

Basically Aereo lets you watch real, live TV through a tiny remote antenna you control over the internet with a cloud DVR.  I usually avoid watching TV shows that have a plot at work because I need more focus on those and work wouldn’t get finished. I will get to wrapped up on what crisis Olivia Pope is solving, rather than figuring out how I am going to accomplish the bosses requests.

It’s pretty cheap for what you get. Try it.  I think you’ll like it.  Possibly I only like it because I work in an office where I’m alone most of the time and need company.

It’s not available in all areas, but it is here in Utah. They are adding new cities all the time.



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Office Playlist- Paperclip Files











Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

Here are 5 more songs to add to your office playlist.  Paperclip Playlist with Spotify is also below.

Office Playlist- Here Ya Go

Coming Home, Pt 2 – Skylar Grey

The Only One – Parachute

Linger On – Two Gallants

Team – Lorde

#Beautiful – Mariah Carey ft. Miguel

Scissors - Paperclip Files

Scissors comes from the latin word ‘cisoria’ meaning “cutting instrument”….just playing this post is not going to be that boring.   If you don’t want a new pair of scissors after reading this, I may just have to scissor kick you.

Adding a pair of sleek looking scissors to your office supply will create a modern appeal to your desk.  Why have a pair of boring scissors when you can have a gold Eiffel Tower pair?  There are all types of scissors out there these days with different lengths, hand grooves, sharpness, etc.  Find the perfect pair for you, and match them to your personality.  For the shear fun of it, I am going to tell you that your desk reflects your personality, so that boring pair your sporting currently is turning you into a bore.

Below are 8 pairs of scissors I have found that you should try.  Click the picture to find where you can buy them.  Can’t decide?  “Rock, Paper, Scissors” anyone?

Office Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors-Paperclip FilesOffice Supply Scissors - Paperclip Files




I don’t know if anyone is like me, but when working on the computer I prefer to save files onto the desktop.  It is easier to find the file while I am working on it.  However, if I am not careful and don’t keep up my organizing system my desktop turns into a disaster.

I strongly believe in making it a priority to organize your files on your computer.

Luckily for my readers, I have a solution to our desktop piles of files.  Organize your documents with an organizing desktop wallpaper.   These desktop wallpapers have categories where you click and drag your files into place.  It makes your desktop look neat, and files are much easier to find.

I like to have a category on my wallpaper for things “to file”.  This way I can save the document to my desktop and place it in that section to organize at the end of the day.  Other categories one can use include:  work, personal, misc., working on, important, to read, to file, to finish, tool box, current projects, inspiration, photos, spreadsheets, forms, junk, church, graphic, etc.

Here is a screenshot of how I organize my desktop at work.desktop example - paperclip files

Here at Paperclip Files I have designed 5 wallpapers that you can have.  Under each wallpaper thumbnail you will find three different sizes.  Click on the size that best suites your computer screen size, and save it to your computer from there.  Easy Peezy.

Now that I have provided the organizing wallpaper, I challenge you to:

1- Create a file folder system

2- Take the time to name each file that fits according to your system

3- Organize your files at the end of each day or week

4- Maintaindesktop organizing wallpaper - paperclip files

1024×768      1920×1080      1920×1280

desktop wallpaper - paperclip files1024×768       1920×1080      1920×1280desktop wallpaper - paperclip files1024×768       1920×1080      1920×1280desktop wallpaper - paperclip files

1024×768      1920×1080      1920×1280desktop wallpaper - paperclip files

1024×768       1920×1080       1920×1280




Have I ever mentioned how much I love music?  It’s true, I have an obsession.   Even though I love all types of music, it is necessary to have my “office music”.  Office music is essential and it needs to be more on the easy listening side- music that won’t blast randomly when someone is at your desk.  Trust me, when you have your music on shuffle and Eminem suddenly blasts with a client standing right there, it’s kinda awkward.  The music needs to spur productivity.   Tunes you can listen to softly with no need to jam (unless it’s just one of those days, we all have them).

I will bring my music selections to you weekly.

Here are 5 songs I am currently typing to.

Love Is War American Young

Rewind Rascal Flatts

Give Me Back My Hometown Eric Church

All of Me John Legend

Best Day of My Life American Authors