Last week we marveled at the oh-so-hilarious stamps for your office. This week I bring you stamps to use on your mail.  Add these ditties of spunk to your letters, and you will have wished email was never invented (oh how I love snail mail).  Heck, these stamps don’t even cover all the possibilities (Don’t worry, a whole post devoted to return addresses is near).

Letters are an art form, a piece of history, a present, and something you should be doing. Nothing is better than getting a piece of mail crafted by a friend or loved one.

Also, unlike with email — you can’t accidentally leave a snide remark in a chain and have it unintentionally forwarded on to the target of that snide remark…

Sign-Sealed-Delivered, their yours!

Stamp Your Mail- Paperclip Files


  1. Vintage Office
  2. Special Delivery and other gems
  3. Please Deliver To
  4. Do Not Bend
  5. Fragile
  6. To & From


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