Pens are like over-confident pencils. Be confident and take your office notes with one of these quirky pens. They may not be the best pen as far as writing standards are concerned, but they sure are fun. Spice up your desk and note taking. Click the links below to find where you can get some of these fine novelties. 1.  Pink Pencil Pen 2.  Paint Brush Pen 3.  Crazy Bird Pen 4.  Silver Wrench Pen 5.  Pinwheel Pen 6.  Blue… Read more »

I have found some “fantabulous” (read that as though Jim Carrey is speaking) gel pens that have taken doodling to a whole new level. I went on a limb and purchased the Gelly, Glaze, and Souffle gel pen sets a few weeks back and loved them.  The ink flows out easily and constant, unlike any other gel pen I have bought in the past. The Glaze and Souffle have a three dimensional aspect when dry.  Recently I discovered that the Glaze works… Read more »

You find a favorite pen.  It writes effortlessly, and fits in your hand just right.  Well doesn’t it just irk you when that pen comes up missing?  Or even worse, you find it in your co-workers hand-the pen thief.  I have a found a few clever tricks that help with this problem.  One however, will only work if your co-worker is a male and doesn’t want to be seen with a pink pen. Suggestion 1:  Replace the red ink with… Read more »