“I Can Do Hard Things” has not only become one of my life sayings, but it has also come into play in my office as well. “I will make that hard phone call, because I can do hard things” “I can do this presentation, because I can do hard things” “I will make this sale…” “I can do this evaluation…” …I got this. It’s a simple phrase that holds a lot of power. I tell myself this on a daily… Read more »


Does your workspace seem dull and not your own?  Here’s a simple desk decoration that will add life to your desk and is super easy to do.   Step 1:  Find a quote that makes you smile.  Or use one of the free pdf files I have designed for you below. Step 2:  Print out the quote and place it in a simple frame you have lying around your house. Step 3:  Place the frame with the quote on your… Read more »