Last week we marveled at the oh-so-hilarious stamps for your office. This week I bring you stamps to use on your mail.  Add these ditties of spunk to your letters, and you will have wished email was never invented (oh how I love snail mail).  Heck, these stamps don’t even cover all the possibilities (Don’t worry, a whole post devoted to return addresses is near). Letters are an art form, a piece of history, a present, and something you should… Read more »

Ever wanted to accurately put your thoughts down on those office memos sent your way?   I have 7 stamps that will ensure efficient communication. Those memos don’t stand a chance. With style and wit these stamps will bring a laugh. First off, if I were a teacher, how awesome would it be to stamp Bullshit across your student’s plagiarized paper? That is probably why I am not a teacher. I could have some serious fun with these puppies, probably too… Read more »