I stumbled across this video on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago,

“15 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Work In An Office”.

It is actually quite accurate and rather hilarious.


While were on this kick, take a look at some of the hilarities this post from AylssaChio over at Buzzfeed.  Click this link to read the rest.

16 Constants Of Working In An Office

1. There will always be at least one computer program that malfunctions daily.
2. Every once in awhile a new process will be instituted and no one will really know how it
3. Some days you forget what you’re supposed to be doing.
4. Other days no one knows how to do their job.
5. Your reward for doing well is being given more work.
6. Office gossip is pretty much worse than high school gossip.
7. You know procrastination doesn’t end in college.
8. And you’ve gotten really good at stealthily checking social media.
read 9-16 here.


Hope you enjoyed this humorous finds.  Maybe they can make your desk life/office work a tad more bearable.  Let’s face it, when you work in an office your co-workers become your family, and you love them.  Well most of them… Okay, a few of them.

3 thoughts on “Do You Work In An Office? Watch This Video

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